Customize the User Interface

When running a USSD session you can do some simple customizations to the PIN screen, processing screen, and completion screen. Currently you can change the background color and choose dark or light text. When making your call to HoverParameters.Builder() simply call the following method:

new HoverParameters.Builder(this).request("action_id").colors(backgroundColor, useDarkText);

Where backgroundColor is a int representing the color resource, and useDarkText is a boolean where true is dark text and false is light text.

Customize Accessibility

If you wish to change the text that appears when a user goes to the Accessibility Settings screen you can do so by defining the strings access_service_summary and access_service_descript in your strings.xml file. access_service_descript is the one that users will see on the settings page.


You can translate the strings that are part of Hover's UI components. The list of string resources to translate are in the root folder of the Hover SDK's aar packaging called public.txt you can find the current english value of those strings in /res/values/values.xml